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Purchasing a Safe

A safe purchase is a long term investment. Please consider all that you need a safe for, paperwork, fire arms, keepsakes, etc. Please allow for extra room if your collection is still growing. We encourage questions because we want to make sure that you are satisfied with your safe purchase. We are here to serve you.


Please be aware that any safes that are 1000 lbs and over should be in a basement or garage, and will NOT go up steps of any kind. Most homes do not have any reinforcement underneath (the flooring) and a safe that big is “dead weight” and can potentially fall through the floor.

Safe Orders

Once your safe is ordered it takes approximately 10-12 weeks for your safe to come in. Our safes are handcrafted and made to order.


We do our best to provide a timely delivery. Please note that our delivery schedule is Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Once your safe is delivered to our warehouse we will contact you to set up a delivery day and 3 hour time window.

Every Delivery situation is different. Please make us aware of the following:


  • Driveway: Will it fit a delivery truck? Is your driveway paved, gravel, or cobblestone?
  • Entering the Home: Front door or back door, garage or basement access?
  • Stairs: Front or back porch – How Many?

Inside Delivery

  • What type of flooring – Marble, Tile, wood or carpeting?
  • Stairs – How many? (Pictures and dimensions are much appreciated.)
  • Landing/Special concerns

Our Location

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