New In Stock Units

Auto Pistol Boxes (5 available)

OD: 9.5″W x 5″H x 6″D

ID: 8″W x 3.75″H x 4″D (giving enough space for door to close)

13 lbs

Price: $285.00 (Not including tax or shipping)

Fort Knox Controlled Access Box 20  (2 available)
OD: 20″W x 8″H x 12.5″D
ID: 18.75″W x 6.75″H x 10.75″D
Weight: 43 lbs
Dark Granite textured finish, carpeted interior, 3/16″ plate body, simplex mechanical lock
Price: $520.00 (Not including tax or shipping)

Fort Knox Maverick 6031 – Light Granite
OD: 60.5″H x 31″W x 27/30″D (overall depth with handle and lock)
Weight: 770 lbs
Fire Rating: 1200 degrees for 75 minutes
Details: Light Granite texture finish, 9 locking bolts, 11ga overall body steel thickness, 3/8″ door edge steel thickness, silver carpeted interior with 3/4 gun setup (26), silver hardware color, right-hand external hinges, electronic lock.
PRICE: $2,892.00 (Not including tax and delivery)

American Security

 TF5517 Gun Safe

OD: 55.25″H x 17.75″W x 16″D

Weight: 286 lbs

Fire Rating: 30 minutes

Details: Black exterior finish, 14 ga. steel body, (8) 1″ chrome plated bolts in door, UL listed ESL5 electronic lock, anchor holes, “L” style handle, door organizer, 11 gun EZ gun configuration with top shelf.

PRICE: $1,008.00 (Not including tax or delivery)

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