Used Fire Rated Safes


OD: 39.25″H x 21.75″W x 21.75″D

ID: 34″H x 16.5W x 16″D

Weight: 690lbs

Fire Rating: 1700 degrees for 30 minutes

3 adjustable shelves, dark granite texture finish, electronic lock

Price: $800.00 (Not including tax or delivery)

Original Safe – Two-Tone Grey Finish

OD: 55.75″H x 21″W x 23-7/8″D

ID: 52″H x 16.5″W x 15.5″D

Weight: 900 lbs

Two-Tone grey finish, 5 adjustable shelves inside, LaGard electronic lock, 1850 degrees for 2 hrs fire rating.

Price: 1,200.00 (Not including tax or delivery)

Schwab FireGuard Fire Safe
OD: 64.5″H x 30-14/16″W x 30″D
ID: 57.5″ x 25″W x 22″D
Weight: 1,250 lbs
Fire Rating: 1 Hr. Fire @ 350 degrees
Mechanical S&G dial, 3 adjustable shelves, 4-way bolts with relocker
Price: $500.00 (does not include tax or delivery)

Gardall Fire Rated Safe
OD: 24.25″H x 22.25″W x 24-10/16″D
ID: 17.75″H x 17.5″W x 16.75″D
Weight: 150 lbs
Granite finish, Securam digital keypad, 1 adjustable shelf.
Price: $200.00 (does not include tax or delivery)


OD: 27.25″H x 24.5″W x 23.75″D

ID: 22″H x 18.5″W x 15.5″D

Fire rating: 350 degrees for 1 hour

1 adjustable shelf, electronic lock, dark grey

Price: $500.00 (Not including tax or delivery)

Sentry Safe
OD: 23.5″H x 17.25″W x 17″D
15″H x 12″W x 13″D
Weight: 100 lbs
Beige, mechanical dial, 350 degrees for 1 hr fire rating, small two-shelf compartment in upper left corner.
Price: $50.00 (Not including tax or delivery)

SLS Safe – Two-Tone Beige
OD: 31″H x 23.75″W x 23.75″D
ID: 23.5″H x 15.75″W x 13″D
Weight: Roughly 1,400 lbs
Two-tone tan safe, mechanical dial, key lock, 1 permanent shelf, 2 keyed security boxes at the bottom, possibly fire rated
Price: $2,500 (Not including tax or delivery)

Meilink Fire-Rated Safe (Brown color)

OD: 49.75″H x 25″W x 21″D

ID: 40″H x 18.5″W x 13.75″D

Fire Rating: 350 for 1 hour

Weight: 600 lbs

3 adjustable shelves, mechanical dial

Price: $250.00

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