Used B rate Safes

Single Door Pharmacy Safe

OD: 37.5″H x 23.5″W x 19″D

ID: 37″H x 23″W x 18.5″D

NO Fire Protection, 1/2″ steel plate door, 1 pull out sliding drawer at top, 2 permanent shelves, S&G electronic lock.

Price: $200

B-Rated Single Door Safe – Black
OD: 40.75″H x 20-5/8″W x 20″D
ID: 40.5″H x 20.25″W x 19″D
Weight: 200 lbs
2 adjustable shelves, internal compartment with key lock, SR2 electronic lock, not fire rated.
Price: $200 (Not including tax or delivery)

B-Rate Double Door Safe

OD: 72″H x 48″W x 29″D

ID: 71.63″H x 23.63″W x 23″D (each side)

Interior Cu. Ft.: 22.5 (each side)

Weight: 1,290 lbs

4 adjustable shelves on left side with key-lock compartment on bottom, 6 adjustable shelves on right side, SR2 lock on each door, No Fire Protection.

Price : $800

B-Rated Safe with Single Drop
OD: 29″H x 26″W x 21.25″D
ID: 28.5″H x 25.5″W x 17″D
Weight: 150 lbs
Electronic Lock, 2 adjustable shelves, 1 single drop, internal compartment, not fire rated.

Price: $125.00

B3742 Double Door Safe

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